About Irene’s


In 1972, a Port Melbourne-based icon was born.

Over four decades, Irene’s Dry Cleaning has catered to the requirements of fashion manufacturing and various emporia such as Myer, Buckley and Nunn. It has become one of Australia’s most trusted experts on dry cleaning and handling of unique fabrics, intricate tailoring and ornate textiles.

For years, fashion houses have entrusted their valuable pieces in the hands of Irene’s, which has always achieved exemplary results. Today, Irene’s continues to cater to the film, television and design industries – both locally and internationally. At the same time, it maintains its integrity as a family business, the level of bespoke attention and unsurpassed authority deserved by every customer.

“For us, success is achieved by melding traditional dry cleaning skills and chemistry together with new and traditional fabric technology,” explains proprietor, Emmanuel. “For this reason, we are supported, trusted and favored by our local community and international fashion houses alike.”

We can restore, preserve and we have been known to resuscitate!